We help you to choose the best career path for yourself. If you are confused about which Career to choose then "SINDIBAD" guides you through the maze of questions to find solutions best suited to your profile and / or parameters ensuring you choose the best Career Path.  

Applying for higher education abroad is a huge decision, both financially and emotionally. It is mandatory to invest adequate time and effort in order to make the right decision.

Language Admissions
Without any administrative fees, We provide acceptances for language schools all over the world

Higher education admissions
We help students to obtain conditional admissions form universities and colleges approved from MoHE on undergraduate and graduate degrees

Tourist Visa
Visa officer will help you to apply for tourist visa for anyone who intends to travel with you and will not study.

Study visa
We help student to obtain their student visa to enable them to study in the destination country.

Accommodation officer will help you to choose you appropriate housing in the destination country in addition to health insurance such every international student interests in.

We can also arrange your airport pick-up when arriving to Destination County.

Before Travel

Students rehabilitation about their next educational stage and culture differences.

After arrival

If a student wants to change his language school, he can contact us and well help him. And also in the airport if he faces any problem.