More About Sindibad.

A professional overseas student recruiting and consultant agency based in KSA.

  • As a part of strong Saudi scholarship movement and the desire of a large number of students to have the opportunity to study abroad, Sinbad Educational Consulting was founded in 2009 to with an aim of rendering education consultation services to students.
  • During the last seven years, Sinbad has played a major role in the field of international education witnessed in developing an impressive service performance track record of more than 4,500 students enrolled into various prestigious schools and higher educational institutions around the world while enjoying wonderful wide spread locations of 4 offices, so far, in Riyadh, Khobar, and Jeddah.


Sindibad, today, have partnership with over 1000 schools of foreign languages and at least 700 higher education providers of Bachelor’s Degree, Foundation studies, Diploma, Postgraduate Coursework Studies (Master’s by Coursework, Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diploma) or Postgraduate Research (PhD, Master’s).

Recognized by the Saudi Ministry of Education, our partnership universities, colleges and language institutions are located in over 19 countries around the globe.


Backed by highly qualified and accredited consultants, IT & digital media professionals, Sindibad host education fairs and run information seminars at selected international high schools throughout the year including educational interview on local radio programs.

Further, Sindibad has successful stories in dealing with student groups for a number of government, semi-government and private institutions.


Sindibad’s team, who have university degree (at least), English and Arabic language ability, and a recognized international certificate, enjoy a great reputation within the Saudi market in providing professional, reliable, ethical, and considerate guidance on educational, immigration, traveling and other student support services.


Maintain a longstanding reputation of ethically representing our partner education institutions and continue our commitment to be the most trusted provider serving students.


Serve, inspire, and educate our students to become their educational potential and achieve their academic goal.


To be #1 nationally and regionally corporation in the abroad educational business by providing exceptional services and excellent contact with the admissions and academic sectors of the institutions we represent.

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